Trots op 5e plek EK

It wasn’t necessarily a great pentathlon, still I am proud. After a traumatic year, I took control of my career. I chose a new road, and I knew the road was going to be paved with challenges. Everyone that watched my pentathlon in Belgrade witnessed my struggles with those challenges. For that alone I am proud. Proud that I chose not to hide until this project was more or less completed. It is still very much under construction, and everyone that saw me compete saw that I am not yet who I was three years ago. On the other hand, I will never be that person anymore. We are working on a new Nadine, and this new version of me still has a lot of room for growth. I hope this was visible too. Not only my struggles, but also my potential. As it is with trees and flowers, it takes time for beautiful things to grow. And one thing I’m starting to learn this winter is how to be patient, and how to appreciate the little things. For instance the fact that I have become more stable. I’m not ‘in the zone’ yet, so I will have to wait for personal bests, but even a not so great hurdles race means 8,42, and no matter what, I can now make sure that my shot put is at least 14,50, in stead of sometimes 13,50 in past years in competition. It is not the recipe for success, so I didn’t medal. It is the recipe for growth though, and for that I am proud. I am proud that I chose this path.